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   Open Doors

         Is now officially a 501c3 Non Profit. It has its own web address

       The purpose of Open Doors is to house the Homeless! Our country is on the brink of something that could look a lot worse than the Great Depression if we don't reach out and help each other while there are still people not yet in their position.

         We intend to build studio apartment complexes that house thousands in cities where there are large populations of homeless, as long as there is funding and homeless in the streets we will continue.

         We intend to do more than build housing! We want to offer all encompassing help to the residents that will enable them to get back up on their own 2 feet! So that the resources to deal with health issues, get training and any other necessary and feasible assistance may be rendered.

          We desire for the housing to be Long Term so that they can relax and focus on the things they need to work on, yet Temporary so that they will work towards and focus on the goal of being self-sufficient! Each resident will be worked with individually and a time frame will be set based on their individual circumstances, but we are expecting it to be within a 2-3 year time frame that the assistance will be offered, then the space will be opened up for someone else who needs it.

          The apartments will be part college dorm, part extended stay hotel. In order to make sure that the buildings are maintained and not damaged, an atmosphere of volunterism will be fostered and encouraged. Residents will Not be Required to assist in maintaining the building and grounds but opportunities will be available for them to do so. The apartments themselves WILL be Required to be maintained, supplies will be available for the residents to do so. There will be cleaning checks every 2 months to ensure that the apartments are being reasonably maintained.

         Those traveling with their dogs Will be able to keep them! Those living in cars will have ample parking available for their vehicles beneath the building. While most units will be studios for only 1 or 2 residents. There will be a few units available to families in transition with 2 or 3 bedrooms, whether that is a single parent with children or an in tact family with children.

          I am doing this on a VOLUNTEER basis. There are NO SALARIES in this Non-Profit! I honestly want EVERY penny donated to go towards the purpose of housing the homeless! In the future when we need to Hire people to run and maintain the facilities, every effort will be made to hire from among the residents themselves to provide them with gainful employment.

            THERE WILL NEVER BE 6 FIGURE INCOMES IN THIS ORGANIZATION!!! You can rest assured that your contributions/ donations will Absolutely be going to a good cause! Together we CAN solve Homelessness in America! We CAN take care of our own! If Every household donated $25, Homelessness would be GONE!

             Information for where to send donations and other ways to help will be posted once we have the go ahead from the IRS with 501c3 status.

  Make it a Great Day!


   I talk about the process leading up to this endeavor in my book Escaping Religion Getting My Heart Back. A large portion of the proceeds from my book will also be going to this cause!!

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    Jeremiah 17: 5-6

         "Thus saith the Lord; Cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the Lord.

          For he shall be like the heath in the DESERT, and shall not see when good cometh; but shall inhabit the PARCHED places in the wilderness, in a SALT land and not inhabited..."


         Home -  The primary objective of this site at present is to promote "Escaping Religion...Getting Back My Heart...The True Story of a Born and Raised, BYU attending, Mission Serving, Temple Sealing, Mother of 6 Mormon Girl, Who Found Her Way Through the Maze to See That ALL Organized Religions MUST Fail, So That We Can All Be ONE With God and Each Other."  This is the long awaited Revision of "Escaping Religion... Peeking Behind the Veil..." This time the WHOLE story has been told. I have kept Nothing Back! Focusing on a supernatural event that occurred after my mission and before my marriage, and the journey after getting out of the belief system I was raised in that hadn't prepared me to protect myself from or even to be aware of the possibility of this type of Spiritual attack, to finally finding a way to get back what had been taken from me decades ago...  The book is available on Amazon, and at Barnes and Nobel and fine Metaphysical and New Age stores like Empowered Whole Being Press and New Leaf Distribution. As well as this site.

           "It is a dangerous thing to assume that you have
             ALL Truth.
         Then you stop Searching."
                                       Mary M. Newell 2010

        "If Someone needs Help,
             Help Them.
         If Someone Helps You,
             Be Grateful.
         Do Something You,
          Every Second of your 'Work',
             Will Be a Gift." :)
                                         Mary M. Newell 2010

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Book excerpts- (This content will be changed frequently...)
    "I think the time has come that we all just need to realize that no 2 people believe the exact same thing anyway, even when they have been raised in the same faith! We each have our own unique set of beliefs and guidelines based on our experiences and perspectives. We are all different. We each have a piece to the puzzle of life. We all NEED each other to put the whole thing together!"
               In this book, find out:
       Just WHAT , the source of those "Warm Fuzzies" are.
       Find out what causes the "Burning in your Bosom".
       Find out WHAT the 2 churches are.
       The ONLY 2 churches that exist!
       And Much Much More....
       Like, "whose" priesthoods are mentioned in the Temple,
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