Family Emergency Medical Kits...

Family Emergency Medical Kits: The contents come in a red backpack, and the whole thing will be sold for $165.97, tax included. There is a $13 charge for  shipping per each Kit and $.95 for handling per order.

      If you want to order JUST the instructions and gather the items yourself, see bottom of page...
    The items that will be included in the backpack are:
           Crazy Glue
           Cayenne Pepper (both powder and capsule form)
           Hydrogen Peroxide
           Olive Oil
           Vitamin E Oil capsuls (not artificial!!! D-alpha)
           BF&C Complex Ointment, Now called Complete Tissue
                      (a Dr. Christopher product)
           Cayene Deep Heating Balm
           Calcium Magnesium & Calcium Citrate
           Emergen C packages
           Garlic Oil
           Herbal Eyebright Tincture (A Dr. Christopher Product)
           Band Aids, basic first aid supplies
           Select Traditional Medicinal Teas
           Black Tea Bags
           Instructions on the numerous uses for each of these products
                         and all of the ailments and injuries that they will help.

            A check can be sent to the business address on the products
            page. A bonus item is sent along with orders purchased via                     check. Allow 4 weeks for delivery.
            Make it a Great Day! :)

                If you wish to purchase the instruction pamphlet only, and get the products on your own. It can be ordered for $10+ $1.50 S&H.

Please allow up to 5 weeks approximately for delivery...