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   Currently we are offering Bumper Stickers, and Mugs with each of the quotes listed on the front page, and are working on offering some Decorative Wall Plaques with those quotes as well.
   Both the bumper stickers and the mugs are black with white writing. We offer either 2 of one quote, or one of each with the bumper stickers for $3.25 (tax included) + $1.15 for shipping and handling. So, 2 bumper stickers for a total of $4.35
   Individual mugs go for $4.75 a piece + $5.25 for shipping and handling.
10 or more mugs may be purchased for $3.95 a piece, with all of them shipped together for just $10.50 for shipping and $2 for handling.
  For pricing on exceptionally large orders please call and leave a message.
  Mail a check with a slip of paper describing your order and shipping address. Include a phone number and email address in case we have questions, or there are complications with your order. Your order will be shipped as soon as the check clears. (Allow 4 weeks for delivery)
  I previously had buy now buttons set up for use with Pay Pal, they being the lesser of 2 evils. I Now am at all out WAR with the Credit Card companies and Banks that have a strangle hold on the World at Large! They charge 3-6% for every purchase that is made using them, whether online or in person at a store!!! On larger items their fee could be HUNDREDS of Dollars!!! 
   In the terms of service to use them for purchases on line, they place a GAG ORDER on the business owner, prohibiting you from stating WHAT the fees are for, or from charging less for paying with check or money order!!! 
  Businesses then hide the fees in "Handling" charges or shipping costs. I used to think that the businesses themselves were ripping me off with exorbinate "handling" charges. No. It's the BANKS!
  So even though it is slower, I will only work with check or money order. If you have another idea for how to handle on line orders without paying our overlords to keep us enslaved, let me know! :)
   Please include a delivery address, email and phone# with your payment incase we need to contact you regarding your order or any questions that you may have. Our business number is posted but we do not have a large staff answering calls. We will respond by either email or phone as necessary.

  Sources of Light and Truth 
  13918 E Mississippi Ave #4426
  Aurora, CO. 80012
       I will be coming out with 3 books in quick succession over the next few months: Love is evol I Cherish You, Healing Jesus, and Escaping the Game.    It is Time for us ALL to WAKE UP!!!
   Our latest project is a Jack in the Beanstalk Back story called: The Beans, that ought to be out end of April 2015. It will have full color illustrations and span time, and space all over the place! :)
 2 bumper stickers. mention in the message section which ones you want.
 individual mugs.

 mugs in multiples of 10.

 pre-orders for "Picking Up Hitch Hikers; Life Without Fear!"

soft copies of "Escaping Religion... Getting Back My Heart"
$13.50+ $5 shipping, $18.50 total

 10 bumper stickers 5 of each. $11.75 + $1.50 S&H
Please allow up to approx 5 weeks for delivery...